Kundalini Activation - Weekend Immersion to Dive Deep Into your Cosmos

Join Weekend Immersion to receive extended Kundalini energy activations and personal guidance to enhance your energy flow long-term.


  • Accelerate your body mind transformation
  • Learn to access your intuition / inner wisdom
  • Deepen your connection to self, nature & others
  • Receive personal guidance & support
  • Experience non-duality to expand your awareness

Who is this for?

You're seeking fundamental change in your life and want to commit to your body mind transformation.

You're ready to dive deep into your spiritual awakening, and have attended at least one of my weekly Kundalini Awakening events.

If you're not sure whether you are ready for the Kundalini Awakening Weekend Immersion, please to discuss.

Students shareHow Kundalini Awakening impacted their lives

I'm interested, can you tell me more about the Weekend Immersion? What's the difference to the weekly Kundalini Activation events?

You will receive several Kundalini energy activations over the weekend. Due to experiencing such a pure cosmic energy flow over an extended period of time, your body exists for 2 days in the perfect conditions to clear deeply rooted energy blockages, beliefs and trauma - without you having to "try hard" or to do anything in particular but to show up for yourself. It will simply happen as this is the nature of transforming body mind with the assistance of Kundalini energy. This level of transformation is typically not possible within a weekly session.

Over the weekend, we will also explore and strengthen your intuition / inner wisdom to bring balance and understanding to your spiritual growth and consciousness expansion - which also helps to deepen your spiritual awakening.


Saturday, 15th May ..... 10:30am to 6pm
Sunday, 16th May ........ 10:30am to 6pm


The Leela Centre
113-115 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Parking: Wilson Parking, 70 Riley Street (about $10/day on weekends)


Early-bird $490 / Regular $690
(Limited Spots!)

Book your spot today!

To book your spot, please email me at

Food for Thought The bigger picture of Kundalini Awakening

As Albert Einstein summed it up perfectly: β€œEverything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way." - let it sink in...

Is it that simple??? Yes, it is - but one must experience it on a cellular level to truly understand it. It is a deep knowing that sits within your every cell, a profound understanding of it all which can be activated by you through remembering. And that's what Kundalini Awakening is all about - the more you experience energy, the more you remember about yourself, the universe and life, the more you are able to access deep wisdom that is stored within your every cell. You are the greatest book of knowledge that has ever been written! Seek within to find your answers!

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